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Finding a way through the darkness

When I found out my husband had been cheating on me, I felt like the ground had opened up beneath my feet. Suddenly it felt like anything I had believed in was unsure. After some reflection I realised that I had been blind about how badly our marriage had been going, and I can't live in that lie anymore. The only way through the darkness is to leave the lies and cheating behind and start over in my life, committed to honesty in all my relationships. This blog is all about my journey through separation and divorce into my new honest life.


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Finding a way through the darkness

Understanding Family Law And Divorce

Divorce is a painful process that can be difficult for everyone involved. It not only affects the married couple but also their children and extended family. There are a lot of emotional and financial complexities involved in this process, which is why it's essential to have a basic understanding of family law and divorce.  What is family law? Family law is a legal area that deals with family relationships, including marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody and child support.

Rooting for Your Future: How Divorce Lawyers Help You Start Fresh

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging and complex process. However, with the assistance of experienced divorce lawyers, you can find the support you need to start fresh and build a brighter future. This article explores how divorce lawyers can provide invaluable help during this transitional period. Understanding the Legal Landscape Navigating the legal intricacies of divorce can be overwhelming without professional guidance. Divorce lawyers specialise in family law and have a deep understanding of the legal landscape surrounding divorce.

Why You Should Hire A Family Lawyer If Your Child's Other Parent Is Violating A Court Order

If you co-parent with someone who you are not in a relationship with, you might know just how hard this can be. There might be one or more court orders in place that are designed to make co-parenting go more smoothly and in accordance with the law. Your child's other parent might have been ordered to pay child support, for example, since you might have custody of the child for longer periods of time.

Critical Roles of a Family Lawyer in Declaration of Nullity Cases

According to Australian laws, a couple separated for at least 12 months can apply for divorce through a family court or the Federal Circuit Court for Divorce. However, in some instances, separated couples choose to apply for a declaration of nullity, not divorce. A statement of nullity refers to a finding by a family court that the marriage between two people is null and void and therefore illegal. When applying for nullity, one must seek the services of a family lawyer primarily because it is not as straightforward as a divorce process.

Top Signs That You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Divorce brings with it a myriad of issues, especially when children are involved. Spouses have to think about custody issues and child support contributions. In some cases, both parties agree amicably on the two critical issues, leading to a smooth divorce process. It is not uncommon for some people to self-represent during child custody hearings. However, child custody proves to be a significant problem in some instances, requiring the services of a child custody lawyer.

Choosing the Right Family Lawyer

Getting the right family lawyer can be a daunting task, especially with the many law firms available across Australia. When dealing with a family case, it would be a wise move to hire an attorney who is practising family law to help you with your court proceedings. Your family lawyer will be obliged to perform other tasks, such as drafting legal documents. A lawyer will significantly influence the direction your court case takes.

Children and Divorce: Understanding Critical Aspects of Child Support

Child support is a critical issue that must be discussed when parents separate and before divorce. The lack of proper arrangements can compromise the welfare of the child or lead to unnecessary and long legal proceedings. Basically, child support is used to refer to the finances that one parent provides to the other for the single purpose of providing for their child. This issue applies to all minors, and both parents are responsible for financial sustenance.

Why You Need to Be Careful About Your Stage of Grief During Divorce Proceedings

If things seem to have broken down irreconcilably, you may be resigned to thinking about divorce proceedings. These can be complicated times and will often take a fair amount of thought and some reconciliation if a level of harmony is to be achieved. Yet this can be difficult, because both parties may not be on the same page in terms of their psychological position, and this can affect the negotiation. What do you need to be aware of, so this doesn't trip you up?

Will Preparation: How to Give Your Parents The Talk

A significant proportion of Australia's property owners die without a will. When this happens, it means that settling the estate may take longer, cost more or even ignite wrangles and disagreements among the family members. Approaching the topic of preparing a will with a parent can often be difficult, especially since your intentions may be misunderstood. A will usually presents the reality of death, a fact which many people hate to accept.

How to have your alimony support obligations modified or terminated

After divorce is granted, the judge may order one of the spouse to pay spousal support also known as alimony to the other. The judge's divorce ruling will feature an order that outline the terms of the spousal support payments in terms of the amount to be paid every month and when the sum is due. The main purpose of spousal support is to enable the lower income partner to meet realistic financial needs and maintain a standard of living that's similar to the standard that characterized their marriage life.

Tips to Modify Your Alimony Arrangement

Alimony payments sometimes come as a result of divorce. This spousal support is typically paid out the by spouse that is earning more to ensure that their former spouse can maintain a semblance of the life that they had built together. There are various forms of spousal support. Some arrangements are temporary, which work to facilitate helping the spouse reach a goal such as graduating from school or finding employment. On the other hand, some alimony agreements are permanent, especially if the amount was already stipulated in a prenuptial agreement.